Enable automatic notifications whenever one of your users approaches a Beacon

What is a Beacon?
A radio signal

Set up Beacons in a designated area, when a user consults your app close to one of them, he will receive a notification.

How to use Beacons?
In 3 easy steps…

Buy your beacons set them up & place beacons in your apps back office, receive notifications then place them in your shop

Buy your Beacons online, register them in your back office and assign message sending behaviors to them while using your app. Once your Beacons are configured, set them up in your shop.

Create notifications
They are received when nearing a Beacon

Define what notifications users will get while using your app and passing by a beacon.
There are many targeting attributes. They allow you to send out relevant messages.

Oversee delivery
All-in-one view

Picture at a glance all the automated notifications and their settings. Display a list of your iBeacons and their characteristics.

Analyze performance


Track the performance of your notifications and improve the effectiveness of your messages based on the results.