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Digital Transformation

eliminate competetion

We offer geographic exclusivity to our clients based on their local, regional & national capabilities.

industry specific

Max has the ability to identify and segment any specific vertical market that your company may focus on.

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We have modeled our platform out of need, not greed. We feel that everyone should benefit from our marketing platform.

Marketing ROI

With over 500 widgets, plugins and add-on's Mailers Max is a marketing tool designed for ROI. Making your companies marketing goals easily attainable.

max asks


What could you do if you had access to virtually every North American business that’s currently purchasing the direct mail you sell?

Our AI driven databases are complied in real time, fresh, quality direct mail leads


We segment the information into industry specific verticals then segregate that data by zip code in order to offer our clients geographic exclusivity; regardless of their local, regional or national capabilities.


Over two decades ago our Founder identified an issue within our very specific industry. –Quality, direct mail leads are difficult to obtain…

Today, we utilize a national network of consumer driven members, various types of artificial intelligence, custom back-end workflows and a provisional utility process that allows for complete automation of your lead generation.

-Shouldn’t you feel comfortable about the leads your team is calling on?


Our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with employees, clients customers, and suppliers. Is that customer service? No, that's the Mailers Service.
The Mailers

Beaufitul Crafters

The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has seen before.”. ― Albert Einstein.


At The Mailers Group, we feel that if you are able to provide a solid product with excellent service that is competitively priced, your doing a great job at being average.

Only when you find a true niche, take a little risk and go above and beyond what the masses are doing is what will differentiate you. Call and see how we impress!!!

The Mailers Group was build out of need, not greed.

In 2006 our Founder identified an issue within our very specific industry. but the technology hadn’t caught up with the vision. Now, we are happy to offer a suite of services specific to and for print and diredt mail comapnies.


We’ve made it our mission to be a true advisor when it comes to print consulting. Our clients seek us out due to reputation. companies which will allow for a more consistent & aggressive yet attractive approach.

Our model was designed by JP Gunter and Brent J. Adams.